CDMEdMPH, December 26, 2016


First workshop Meeting in Tashkent conducted at the Center for the development of the medical education of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the base Tashkent Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education on December 26 2016 in Tashkent city, Uzbekistan.

The aim of the meeting was to clearly distribute current work program, determine all tasks and responible persons pointing deadlines to implement work plans of the ModeHEd project of the Erasmus + programmes.


Overall 9 partner institutions of the project ModeHEd of the Erasmus+ programme from Uzbekistan were participated. Next presentation were done during the seminar:

  1. Bukhara State Medical Institute – Jarylkasinova Gaukhar. Topic of the presentation “Project UZHEALTH: the possibilities of applying the methodology”.
  2. Fergana State University – Yunusov Alisher, Sattarova Khilola, Ismailova S., Asrakulov A., Shermatov M., Mamasoliev J. Topic of the presentation: “Project plan development and improvement competence of the ModeHEd project executors from November 20, 2016 till July 14, 2017”.
  3. Center for the Development of the medical education of Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan – Alimova Matlyba, Ubaydullaeva Sevara. Topic #1 of the presentation “Analysis of curriculum”, Topic #2 of the presentation “Recommendations on development project plan for each university”.
  4. Namangan State University – Aripov Abdulla, Lutfullaev Pulatkhon. Topic of the presentation: «Project TuCAHEA: tuning».
  5. Tashkent Medical Academy – Mamatkulov Bakhromjon, Kasimova Dilfuza, Sherzod.
  6. Andijan State University – Tolipova Feruza, Alieva Rano.
  7. Kokan State Pedagogical Institute – Ibragimova Dilfuza, Toshmatova Shoira.
  8. Uzbek Medical-Pedagogical Association – Kayumova Dilrabo, Shodieva Khurshida.
  9. Uzbek State Institute of Physical Culture – Tursunov Nodir, Svetlichnaya Nailya, Jalilov Kh.

On the first workshop meeting next suggestions were done:

  • Center for the development of the medical education of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan will prepare structure and requirements for the designing textbooks on modernized subjects within the project ModeHEd and will sent to all partner universities in January 2017.
  • Next meeting will be held in the month of March 2017, in order to make conclusions of realized works planned in the frame of today’s seminar-meeting.
  • All participants should send to UZMPA and CDMEdMPH, through E-Mail, all reports of the realized works.